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22 July 2013

Space Give away Contest Initiative ! :)

Dear all Fellow Blogger ! BPOW are Glad for receiving continuous support and faith from you people. As a give away we have decided to Give a space on our sidebar for a week to the top 3 winner of BPOW Awards.So smile your way to blog traffic :) .

This is exciting. What do I do next?

Rules :-

1. Read the Link submitted here and comment on them.(*This is to make sure you have actually read the Post*).

2. Nominate one link along with your own in comment section here below each week post.(*We will cross Check for your comment on your nomination and please mention which one is yours *).

3. The Nomination with self link only will not be considered. 

4. In case of tie as" We always read all the link submitted here "and if we think someone is deserving, we will give them the awards.

So what are you waiting for participate and Claim your space !

All those who will featured in BPOW can flaunt the BPOW badge on their blog. BPOW will mail the badge to the email ID they have submitted while submitting link.

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Gardening with Juanita said...

I have not been on here for a while I can not seem to get on.